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Mother's Day

When it comes to very special anniversaries within the family, there is no doubt that Mother's Day is a favorite among many children. Here you get the opportunity to celebrate your mother and give her an extra dose of love - and an anniversary like this also requires a very special Mother's Day gift. Here you will find a selection of our jewelry, which we have put together for you to find a special present. We think these pieces are perfect as a gift for Mother's Day, where you get modern classics with unique details that make each piece of jewelry its own.

Jewelry history since 2012

Back in 2012, ENAMEL COPENHAGEN saw the light of day for the first time. It all started in a small basement in Copenhagen, and since then we have moved into larger premises and have delivered several collections that have made ENAMEL COPENHAGEN one of the most popular Danish jewelry brands. We have left our mark on the industry and the way we believe a woman deserves to wear her jewelry. Our foundation in our vision of creating classics that have small, playful details and that make the jewelry something very special. Therefore, a necklace, a pair of earrings or something completely different is not just a piece of jewelry. Instead, you'll get a personalized gift for Mother's Day, where you can be sure that thought and love has gone into every design.

Pamper your mother and give her a piece of jewelry for life.

There's something magical about receiving jewelry from our loved ones. It tells a story from the moment we receive the gift, and there is no doubt that it has been chosen with great care. The same goes for Mother's Day gifts, where for many it is a very special occasion to find a personal gift that can follow the strong woman throughout life. A piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. It exudes personality and love that your mother will be able to carry around with her every single day. It will remind your mother of you every time she looks at it, and others will admire the fine piece of jewelry that your mother can tell a very special story about. Our selection offers both necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, and we have gathered something so that you will find jewelry in both silver and gold.

A necklace with a story

The necklace is always a sure hit when you need to give your mom a personalized gift for Mother's Day. As the central piece of jewelry for many, a Mother's Day necklace will have a very special meaning for your mother for many years to come. Our selection is classics that never go out of style. Classics designed for the strong woman who deserves to wear quality jewelry with consideration for the woman she is. Our selection offers, among other things, the classic chains, which you can also choose to combine with one of our many fine pendants, so you custom design the necklace that suits your mother. You will also find necklaces with small stones, fine pendants or one of the most beautiful freshwater pearls that give the necklace a unique expression that carries part of ENAMEL Copenhagen’s DNA of creating classics that at the same time allow play to be included.

A significant ring to the collection

If your mother likes rings, we have of course also made sure that you will find a large selection on this page. Because just like the necklace, rings are something that many women love and that never go out of style. Our selection of rings offers the thin, simple rings that can be combined with both other ENAMEL Copenhagen jewelry or your mother's favorite jewelry, and then you will also find rings with more details and more edge. Of course, we have provided rings in both gold and silver for Mother's Day, so you are guaranteed to find the right one.

Find a Mother's Day jewelry set

In addition to rings and necklaces, you will also find bracelets and earrings on the side, and here the same applies. Because you will find the very simple styles such as hoops and small stud earrings, and then you will find jewelry with more details and small pendants on the thin bracelets. If your mother needs a gift for Mother's Day that impresses and is admired, you will also find jewelry sets on this page. We have designed several collections where you can find earrings, bracelets and necklaces that go together and are just the right gift if your mother loves coherence and symmetry in her style.

Find just the right Mother's Day gift at ENAMEL COPENHAGEN

At ENAMEL Copenhagen, we know the great love for mothers, and therefore Mother's Day is also an important tradition for us. We've tried to make it a little easier for you to find the gift your mom deserves on a special day. She should be celebrated, celebrated and feel the great love she deserves.

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