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Gold necklaces are among our most popular categories. The collections contain unique designs, different sizes and expressions, so you can always find the right necklace in gold. Our styles have a playful lightness to suit all occasions. At Enamel Copenhagen, every woman can find a necklace that suits her unique expression. We have great diversity in our designs, while there is a clear common thread.

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Find your gold necklace at Enamel Copenhagen

Marie's great love for jewelry started on her trip around the world in 2012, after which she founded Enamel Copenhagen. The vision has always been to create a playful, fascinating, and beautiful universe where colors and shapes could be allowed to unfold in a new way. Gold necklaces for women from Enamel Copenhagen therefore have beautiful colors, metals, stones, and enamel that reflect our DNA. The name means enamel, and therefore you will often find a small detail on the vast majority of all our jewelry, where the name accompanies the jewelry. Quality is also a focal point of our brand. Our jewelry is for style-conscious women who know what good quality all is about. And know that good quality can also come at good prices that everyone can join. Therefore, you get all our gold necklaces for women at low prices, but without compromising on anything. We produce all our jewelry in 18 karat gold plated sterling silver. Here you get gold-plated necklaces with a love for materials, quality, and finesse.

A simple gold necklace for women - a classic!

Gold or silver is today a matter of taste for many women. Some choose instead to combine it so that they do not have to choose one or the other. But here it should be about one particular thing that is always a classic. We are talking, of course, about the simple and simple gold necklace. A simple gold necklace is often the focal point when selecting the fine details of the day. The necklace is a must-have, and it gives the white T-shirt, shirt, or your dress the final push to stand razor sharp. Every one of our gold necklaces for women can do something unique. The selection ranges widely, as we would like to include all women, but at the same time maintain our DNA and strength in creating the simple jewelry. Therefore, the selection especially includes the very simple gold necklaces. Here you will find different variations of a thin gold chain necklace and even gold pendant neckace. But also, a wider gold necklace that in itself creates a great impression.

Find unique gold necklaces with pearls and colors

We love to rethink and reinterpret old classics, but also to create our very own design. When it comes to gold necklaces for women, we have several very popular gold necklaces. Our gold necklace with pearls is one of today's biggest trends, and you will find it in different colors with us. The small beads are placed at the same intervals on the thin gold chain. The beads bind the different links together and create a lightness and play in the chain. You will find our necklace with beads in very different color shades. You can either go with the solid color pearls in the color you prefer or jump into the whole rainbow and choose the multicolored ones.

Buy gold pendant necklace

It is not only the very simple necklaces that you can find with us. Our range also offers gold necklaces with pendants, where the pendant itself catches the eye. Here you can, among other things, fall in love with our freshwater pearl with a thin gold chain. You will also find larger pendants in gold that fit with the modern jewelry, which today is combined across the board.

Combination is a key word for our jewelry. You will find a common thread through all the collections and categories, so you can find a bracelet that fits your favorite chain, or you can match your rings as you like. Our necklaces in gold can be advantageously combined with each other.

You can choose a long gold necklace and put it together with a short gold necklace with pearls. You can also choose the simple chain together with a gold necklace with a nice pendant. With Enamel Copenhagen you are allowed to put your very own mark on your story.

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 On this page you will find our range of necklaces in gold. We guarantee you that all designs are created with love for materials, big trends, and durability in the design. Go hunting in our selection here and find your favorites. Then we make sure to send it all off to you within a few days and even for free.

In addition, you will always find lots of exciting news and promotions on our website. We often launch new and beautiful collections that we look forward to you seeing. If you are looking for a good bargain, we recommend that you dive into our sale, where we have many popular necklaces in gold at extra discounted prices.